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Fertility Treatments for International Patients in India

InviCure IVF is one of the premier destination for international patients seeking world-class fertility care. Our expert team of renowned fertility specialists, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology ensure exceptional outcomes. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatments, including IUI, IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, and more. As a trusted choice for international patients, we provide personalized care, language assistance, and seamless coordination for a stress-free experience. India’s affordable treatment costs and no-waiting-list policy make it an attractive choice. Embrace hope and happiness with us on your journey to parenthood in India. Your dream of a family starts here.

Just 3 Simple Steps

Plan Your Visit

When you are prepared to start your parenthood journey with InviCure IVF, we will match you with a dedicated fertility guide. This expert will gather your medical history and past reports to seek the opinion of one of our fertility specialists.

Your fertility guide will provide you with the recommended treatment plan, including an estimated cost. They will also share the treatment timeline, any necessary diagnostic tests or investigations, and facilitate the process of obtaining a Medical Visa Invite.

Before your journey to India, your dedicated fertility guide at InviCure IVF will arrange a video conference, Skype call, or teleconference with the fertility specialist. This allows you to review your case together and discuss any necessary details.
Perks of Choosing Us

Special Services Provided


We aim to make your stay in India smooth and comfortable. Our clinics are conveniently located in the NCR, close to metro stations and good hotels. Your fertility guide will assist in finding suitable accommodation, while our international support manager will help with local travel and transportation.

Airport Pick-up &
Drop Facility

InviCure IVF's International Team offers complimentary airport pick-up and drop service and assists with your travel arrangements in India. They can organize visits to historical sites in Delhi and arrange travel to India's various unique tourist attractions for a memorable experience.


At our facility, we offer in-house interpreters fluent in Arabic, Pashto, Bangla, French, and Russian languages to ensure effective communication. Additionally, if you require assistance in other languages, we are more than willing to accommodate your needs for seamless communication throughout your experience with us.


In InviCure IVF's welcoming International Lounge, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi to stay connected and entertained during your visit. The lounge also offers a variety of international entertainment channels on TV, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience while waiting or preparing for your fertility procedures.
InviCure IVF

Do’s and Dont’s During Travel and India Stay

Ensure you have your identification, passport, and visa documents with you, and carry two additional copies of each in separate bags.Under no circumstances should you give your passports, international ID, or travel documents to unfamiliar individuals while traveling. Keep these important documents safe and only share them with authorized personnel or when necessary for official purposes.
Always keep your medical records on hand, and remember to store duplicate copies of these documents in a separate bag.Avoid exchanging money with unknown individuals. Instead, rely on your fertility guide to provide assistance with money exchange during your time in India. They can guide you to reputable and reliable currency exchange services to ensure a secure transaction.
Make sure to have the contact details of your fertility guide readily available throughout your stay.Refrain from discussing your medical condition or treatment with unfamiliar individuals while traveling to India and during your stay there. Protect your privacy and share such information only with authorized medical professionals and your trusted fertility guide to ensure confidentiality and security.
Before your trip, consult your fertility guide regarding the anticipated climate conditions during your stay, and pack your belongings accordingly.Avoid making arrangements for tourism activities with unknown individuals. Rely on your fertility guide to direct you to approved travel agencies that can assist with your travel plans in India. This measure is crucial for safeguarding your well-being and financial security throughout your journey.
Ensure you have extra cash on hand to cover unforeseen expenses or potential extensions of your trip. Seek guidance from your fertility guide regarding any additional travel or purchases you might consider during your stay in India.Please adhere to the strict prohibition of liquor and smoking in all InviCure IVF's partner facilities. Show respect for this rule to ensure a peaceful and conducive environment for all patients undergoing treatment. Your cooperation in maintaining these guidelines is greatly appreciated.
Contact your bank to confirm if your credit/debit card is enabled for international use. Familiarize yourself with the associated bank fees for overseas withdrawals to avoid incurring costly charges during your travels.At our and partner clinic's facilities, we discourage tipping and kindly request that you respect this policy during your visit to our clinic. Instead of tipping, a simple note of appreciation for those who have assisted you will be greatly appreciated. Let's foster an atmosphere of gratitude and acknowledgment for the support provided by our dedicated staff.
When feasible, consider making payment for your hospital package online to minimize the need to carry large amounts of cash or multiple cards. If needed, you can request the bank account details from your fertility guide to proceed with the online transaction.
To safeguard against potential losses arising from travel emergencies, such as flight delays, it is advisable to obtain travel insurance. This will provide you with the necessary protection and peace of mind during your journey.
Insist on receiving a comprehensive discharge report, including a "fit to fly" certificate, once your procedure is concluded. This documentation will be essential for your travel arrangements and ensuring a smooth journey back home.

Highly Affordable Infertility Treatments in India

We are dedicated to providing affordable fertility solutions. Our IVF Treatment packages start from just INR 50,000, ensuring accessibility for all. We understand the financial challenges associated with fertility treatments, and our aim is to break down barriers by offering quality care at an affordable price. Our comprehensive packages cover consultations, tests, medication, laboratory procedures, and embryo transfer. Rest assured, our commitment to affordability does not compromise the high standards of care we provide. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to start or expand their family, and we are here to make that possible.

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