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Blastocyst Culture and Transfer

After the egg retrieval process in IVF, the collected eggs are subjected to fertilization through either IVF or ICSI techniques in the IVF laboratory. IVF involves combining the eggs with a sample of sperm in a culture dish, allowing fertilization to occur naturally. Alternatively, ICSI involves injecting a single sperm directly into each egg to facilitate fertilization. Following the fertilization step, the resulting embryos are carefully transferred into an incubator, where they are provided with optimal conditions to support their growth and development. The incubator mimics the natural environment of the womb, providing a stable and controlled setting for the embryos to progress towards potential implantation.

Why blastocyst culture and transfer is done?

The fifth day blastocyst level of embryo transfer is associated with higher pregnancy rates. There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon:

One explanation is that transferring the blastocyst into the uterus initially closely mimics the natural process. This allows the specialist to select the best embryo for transfer, as embryos with abnormalities or developmental issues are more likely to arrest before reaching the blastocyst stage.

Another explanation is that blastocyst transfers decrease the risk of potentially risky multiple births. By transferring fewer blastocysts, such as only one, specialists can reduce or avoid complications associated with multiple pregnancies. Additionally, any excess blastocysts can be cryopreserved using vitrification for potential future pregnancies, allowing for extended completion of pregnancies.

What is the procedure of blastocyst culture and transfer?

The embryologists perform daily examinations of the embryos to evaluate their division rate and quality, ensuring regular updates to the patient. A 3-character grading system is utilized by the embryologists to assess blastocyst-stage embryos. This system focuses on three key characteristics: the Inner Cell Mass, the Trophectoderm (outermost cell layers), and the expansion and growth extent of the embryo. It’s important to note that only 60 to 70% of human IVF embryos reach the blastocyst stage after five days. While numerous fertilized eggs (oocytes) may have been initially obtained, not all will progress to the four-cell or eight-cell stages in culture, and even fewer will develop into blastocysts.

This natural selection process can be likened to “survival of the fittest.” The embryos that successfully advance through this developmental stage tend to be stronger, healthier, and more robust. The embryologist will provide guidance on whether to proceed with embryo transfer on Day 3 or delay it until Day 5, considering factors such as embryo quality and quantity. Patients with a limited number of retrieved embryos, low fertilization rates, and insufficient division by Day 3 do not benefit significantly from blastocyst cultivation, as there is a minimal advantage in terms of embryo “self-selection.”

Blastocyst culture and transfer treatment cost in India

The cost of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) in India can differ based on the clinic chosen. At InviCure IVF, the base price for IVF treatment remains consistent, but the overall cost can vary due to the medications required, resulting in variable expenses. Furthermore, any additional surgical procedures needed can also impact the total cost of the ART treatment. Typically, the majority of cases fall within the price range of INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000.

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