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Frozen Embryo Transfer

In a typical IVF cycle, multiple embryos are generated, but in a Freeze All cycle, they are all cryopreserved. After transferring 2-3 embryos during the fresh cycle, any remaining embryos are frozen for future use. These frozen embryos serve as a valuable resource for achieving pregnancy in subsequent cycles if the initial attempt is unsuccessful or in future Freeze All cycles. By preserving the embryos, patients have the opportunity to pursue additional attempts without the need for undergoing the entire IVF process again. This approach provides flexibility and increased chances of success while reducing the physical and emotional burden associated with repeated fresh cycles.

How frozen embryo transfer works with IVF?

Utilizing Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is an effective strategy to prevent desynchronization. Instead of transferring the embryos immediately, we choose to delay the process until a later cycle. This delay allows your bodily hormones to return to a normal state after the stimulation phase, significantly improving your chances of achieving pregnancy. During this period of rest, which typically lasts around a month, the body recovers from the stresses of IVF and the injections taken. This restoration enables the establishment of a natural hormonal cycle, creating an optimal environment for increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. The embryos are thawed and transferred during this cycle, maximizing the chances of success.

Benefits of freezing

In simpler terms, freezing embryos during IVF cycles offers advantages such as reduced medication and lower stress levels. You and your body are not required to undergo a heavy medication regimen all in the same month. Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycles are more predictable, leading to increased chances of success.

Success rate

The freezing techniques used in IVF ICSI cycles, particularly the vitrification method, have significantly advanced. As a result, when the embryos are thawed, their recovery closely resembles their pre-freezing quality. This improvement in the thawing process translates to higher pregnancy rates, increased live birth rates, reduced miscarriages, and the birth of healthy babies. Additionally, Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) allows us to optimize the uterine lining before the embryos are implanted, further enhancing the chances of success.

Factors affecting FET

Similar to fresh cycles, the success rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is influenced by a crucial primary factor: the age of the mother when the embryos were formed and frozen. Even if you choose to delay the transfer of the frozen embryos for several years, the success factors remain the same. The age at which the embryos were frozen plays a vital role in determining the success rate. Generally, the older the mother at the time of embryo freezing, the lower the chances of success.

Freezing for future preservation

Freezing embryos for future preservation is an ideal option when individuals or couples are not ready for parenthood or facing serious medical conditions like cancer. It allows them to preserve their fertility options and increase the chances of achieving pregnancy later in life. By undergoing IVF and cryopreserving embryos, individuals can maintain control over their reproductive choices and have peace of mind during challenging circumstances. When the time is right or their health improves, they can pursue parenthood using the frozen embryos. Consulting a fertility specialist is crucial to understand the process and success rates, ensuring informed decisions about future parenthood.

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